Retrograde Planets

Retrograde Planets – Effects and Solutions

Report by: Mystic Clarice


Remember when planets are going retrograde (R) or direct (D) there is a 10 day influence before and after the station dates. Be aware of the physics of the planet meanings, and you should have a greater understanding of, and the new power with this knowledge. There are major changes and opposite influences when a planet is retrograde. For further details look, for my book soon to be released, on Retrograde Planets. A very powerful and enlightened awakening to advanced knowledge. The Sun and Moon do not go retrograde.

Planetary stations in 2012

Mars turns retrograde (R) on 23 Jan 2012 at 23Virg0
Mars turns direct (D) on 13 Apr 2012 at 03Virg40
Saturn turns retrograde (R) on 7 Feb 2012 at 29Lib30
Saturn turns direct (D) on 25 Jun 2012 at 22Lib45
Mercury turns retrograde (R) on 12 Mar 2012 at 06Ari49 – Element Fire – Actions
Mercury turns direct (D) on 4 Apr 2012 at 23Pis50
Pluto turns retrograde (R) on 10 Apr 2012 at 09Cap33
Pluto turns direct on (D) 18 Sep 2012 at 06Cap57

Venus turns retrograde (R) on 15 May 2012 at 23Gem59
Venus turns direct (D) on 27 Jun 2012 at 07Gem29
Neptune turns retrograde (R) on 4 Jun 2012 at 03Pis09
Neptune turns direct (D) on 11 Nov 2012 at 00Pis21
Uranus turns retrograde (R) on 13 Jul 2012 at 08Ari32
Uranus turns direct (D) on 13 Dec 2012 at 04Ari36
Mercury turns retrograde (R) on 15 Jul 2012 at 12Leo32 – Element Fire – Actions
Mercury turns direct (D) on 8 Aug 2012 at 01Leo25

Jupiter turns retrograde (R) on 4 Oct 2012 at 16Gem22
Mercury turns retrograde (R) on 6 Nov 2012 at 04Sag18 – Element Fire – Actions
Mercury turns direct (D) on 26 Nov 2012 at 18Sco10


Mercury Key Effect: Mixed Communications/Transportation and World Trade. The Sun signs Gemini and Virgo’s Ruling Planet is; “Mercury” and the Number (5) in Numerology. If either of these signs are located in your natal chart, expect indecision, change of plans, and it requires more caution and orderly thinking. Mercury is also known as the original, “trickster“. While Mercury is Retrograde, it is not the best time for major purchases such as new homes, autos, boats, computers, etc., (why) because these items are usually financed and/or require signing a contract. Signing a contract during Mercury Retrograde can bring regrets stemming from things said that are misunderstood or misrepresented. Avoid beginning new projects; expect disruptions, delays in business matters, especially communications or transportation. Back up all data on computers. Companies in retail can expect sales on the slow side, including personal items stolen. Relationships can go awry due to miscommunications. Also, lies and deceptions can come to light.

Solution: The best action to take during a Mercury Retrograde period is to spend the time reviewing the past three months. It is not the time to go forward with new plans or goals. It is the time to “re-view” what is happening in your life and make necessary course corrections.  A good rule to remember is, any word you can put “re” in front of, and have it make sense, do it; examples: re-evaluate, repair, rethink, rewrite, replace, reschedule, revise, review. Then correct any misunderstandings, etc.


Mars Key Effect: “Spinning Your Wheels.” The Sun Sign Aries Ruling Planet is Mars, and it’s the Co-ruler of Scorpio, vibrates w/numbers 1 and 9 in Numerology. Mars is the planet of action and energy. When it is retrograde, these people tend to be less competitive, unless they’re in competition with themselves. Mars deals with animal nature, desires and sexual energies, assertiveness, force, power, construction, work, strife, and competition; also, field operations, weapons, war, and accidents. It governs medical issues and surgery, inflammation, wounds, cuts, burns, violence, tools, iron and steel. In earlier times, it was known as the lesser malefic. Mars’ action is sudden, self-assertive and disruptive. Mars’ energy can be used destructively and angrily, in a fighting way, or with courage and strength.

Solution: Keep your cool, don’t be impatient. Stay calm; watch all of your words and actions.


Saturn Key Effect: The Teacher; “Truth or Consequences,” Saturn Rules the Sun Sign of Capricorn and the number 8 in Numerology, or anyone with a number of Capricorn signs in their natal chart. Saturn is the planet of discipline, the teacher, and it governs the urge for security and safety. When retrograde, above all the planets discussed thus far, it is the prime example of free will verses conventional attitude. As its nature implies, a teacher can open up new horizons, make you buckle down and appreciate the result of discipline, or you can feel hampered, held back, and held down if you resent the teacher and fight the learning process. In Saturn’s code, it is not only the sign, but the house and its aspects that make a difference. Be aware of your own attitude and actions while it is retrograde, it can have the opposite effect with you, if you have not been focused and disciplined in hard work.

Solution: Stay focused and disciplined with actions and money. Don’t make any uncertain moves. Only spend money on valuable and necessary things to further your goals or personal needs.


Pluto Key Effect: “Subtle Transformation” It rules, Pluto, Scorpio and the number 1 in numerology, water element. It can also be Mars since in ancient times it ruled Aries and Scorpio, before Pluto came into the picture in 1930. Just Aries is the fire element and Scorpio is the water element. Their personality’s difference is; Aries is apparently open and Scorpios are more hidden, secretive, in their intentions. All other traits are the same. Pluto traditionally rules the underworld and that which is hidden from view, “secrets,” besides the unknown realms, within your submerged subconscious self. It also represents all replication processes such as conception and printing. Pluto governs the masses, waste, subversion, atomic power and crime. It rules phobias and obsessions, slow growth, transmutation, birth and death, isolation, coercion, disappearance, kidnapping, anonymity, bacteria and viruses. It Represents, generation, regeneration and degeneration. It governs plumbing, dictatorships, unpopular causes and the exclusive. It represents the past when you thought something was put to rest and reappears. Pluto’s action is slow, ponderous and inevitable. It is the last of the transcendental planets and is considered a higher octave of Mars. This is a subtle, yet powerful influence that is not easily detected but is definitely felt, something sonorous, like the resonance of a bell. Pluto’s presence in you always deals with long-term matters, usually psychological in nature. Because Pluto stays in each house for a number of years, its influence becomes part of an entire era or stage of life-changing circumstances that the retrograde phase is so discerning.

Solution: Pluto is retrograde for longer than any other planet – up to six months or more. Pluto’s transits teach you not to trust in the status quo, since it moves so slowly to change. Everything continues to change. Just when you are growing accustomed to that change, the retrograde period sets in, seeming to subvert all the hard won progress you had achieved. But rather than allowing yourself to back pedal or get depressed, you can use the retrograde half of the year productively. Like cleaning out your closet, or go over everything, maybe there is a better path to take. This is the perfect time to go into therapy, or study things like metaphysical arts and sciences, because you are open to the possibilities of psychological change without being in awe of it. When Pluto is in its retrograde phase, you are less resistant to change and therefore more likely to embrace the sort of transcendental change that really matters.


Neptune Key Effect: “Truth and Illusion” Positive and Negative Actions. It rules Pisces and co-ruler of Sagittarius and the number 7 in numerology. Also: anyone who has many of these signs in their natal chart or has (Rx) in this planet. Neptune rules music, movies, stage and television, glamour, dreams, illusion, spirituality, ideals, mystique, intuition, hunches, creative functions and the things we take deeply for granted in life without questioning it. It governs; petroleum, gas, fog, mysteries, hypnosis, anesthetics, flattery, intangibles, fragrances, second sight, love of poetry, color and dancing, these are the positive side. The negative has jurisdiction over drugs and drug addiction, alcoholism, hypochondria, sleepwalking, trances, materiality and abnormality. Neptune’s action is subtle, gradual and sometimes insidious. It is the higher octave of Venus and the second of the transcendental of planets. Neptune transits are never easy nor are they even easy to understand! Add the confusion of a retrograde cycle, and things are even more bewildering than before. Neptune is probably the most subtle of any planetary influence. For this reason it is not uncommon to learn the lessons or reason of a Neptune influence until it has already passed. Neptune is all about the positive and negative illusions; on one hand it can promote trickery and deception as easily as inspiration and spirituality. Due to the Pisces symbol of the two fish, one facing up and the other facing down, which is also the term, “as above, so below.” It also stands for Alpha and Omega at the end of the Pisces date. The beginning and the end, what paths will you choose.

Solution: Because Neptune is such an understated influence, it can be hard to know just how to use; it’s even more restrained version. Yet there are many ways in which you can tap into the creative depth of this period. This is the ideal time to get involved with your spiritual self, since you will be in a slightly more practical frame of mind than when the planet is direct. As a result you will be able to strike a balance between the mystical and the mundane sides of your personality and the world. You can use the time to write or create your own art, or spiritual symbols. Perhaps making your own Tarot card, or drawing your own horoscope and interpretations rather than having the computer do it, and your own study of interpretations what planets mean to you. And stay with logic as much as possible.


Uranus Key Effect: Sudden unexpected events, change or “Chaos Theory,” and Divine Discontent (Freedom Urge!) It rules the Sun Sign of Aquarius or anyone who has a number of signs in Aquarius in their chart, and the number 4 in numerology, and more so, if they have (Rx) in these signs, and planets in their natal chart. It covers; violent explosions, earthquakes and natural disasters.  It also governs: inventions, originality, science, electricity, explosions of all kinds, magic, the occult, astrology, psychology, x-rays, airplanes, and insight into the nature’s laws, it includes the creative will, sudden changes of all kinds, revolution and dictatorships, individualism, humanitarian, the intellectual, eccentric, bohemian, egotistical and utopian ideals, rebellion and autonomy. Its actions are sudden, in a blink of an eye, unexpected and often violent change. Uranus is a breaker of tradition.  It is neutral and sexless and considered by many astrologers to be the upper level of Mercury; it is the first of the transcendental planets. This covers the situation in the Middle East at this time. You are dealing with the planet of freedom, the awakener. When Uranus is retrograde, its inward direction reinforces the urge to be different, to break the chains of tradition at an early age. The need to be special or unique is reinforced. The need to achieve personal freedom, strangely enough, it also creates the urge to dominate others. Both the positive and negative energies are influence at higher levels. Many politicians, head of state, dictators and social leaders have Uranus retrograde. Many heads of state, dictators and social leaders have Uranus Retrograde (Rx) in their charts. How much domination they are able to achieve, of course, depends on the placement of Uranus in the chart; it certainly helps to have retrograde Uranus in an angular house.

Solution: Any Uranus transit is unpredictable. In fact, the best way to prepare for any Uranian influence is to expect the unexpected. But, believe it or not, when Uranus is retrograde, its influence can be even more unpredictable than usual. Uranus has a way of taking decisions out of your hands. This is particularly true if you are a fence- sitter – a Libra, Gemini, or Sagittarius. You feel as though the confusion has been calmed, but in reality, things are as chaotic and unsettled as ever. Your inability to see and understand this will only make you more unprepared for what can possibly go wrong. Uranus retrograde leaves your present situation not secure, until it goes back direct to begin your plans for the future. This is the most difficult retrograde passage to “defend” against, the reason? Uranus influence is unpredictable no matter where it is or what it is doing! Still, being forewarned means being forearmed! The worst possible thing you can do during this period is to, leave a decision to chance or “up in the air.” For example, maybe things at work have not been going right, and you have not taken steps to look for something else or save some money up, and thought it would all work out. When suddenly, you go to work and you don’t have a job. Another example; you haven’t prepared for major disasters. Since Uranus is connected to Mercury things, also as communications of all kinds, you can have disruption in these areas, especially if Jupiter is also retrograde at the same time line. Read Jupiter and Mercury for extra help with this transit. Make decisions–but not rashly, practicality and calm rules; it is the antithesis of any Uranus influence. But, it is important to keep this in mind –don’t lose your ability to be surprised during this transit. If you do, the effect of the planet’s energy will catch you unaware. Worry is another consequence of Uranus retrograde cycle. You may catch yourself worrying about things that are unlikely to happen. Your best defense against this energy – sapping custom is to practice peace and tranquility through daily contacts and meditation and creative visualization techniques. Rash actions, anger can be your undoing.


Jupiter Key Effect: “Delayed Gratification,“ Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is co-ruler of Pisces and the number 3 in numerology. Jupiter controls wealth, leisure time, big business, the higher mind, optimism, height, growth, good luck, expansion, morality, prosperity, indulgence, higher education, philosophic reasoning, aspirations, vision, idealism, sports, long-distance travel, hunting and fondness for animals. Jupiter also includes: the law and law makers like Judges. In earlier times Jupiter was known as the great benefactor, Jupiter action is orderly and promotes health, growth and expansion. Jupiter represents the biggest and the best, the right and righteous, the wise, “The Expert.” So, whenever Jupiter is retrograde, which happens 30 percent of the time, expect mangers and judges to fail, import records to be broken, experts shown to be incorrect, and the guilty to win when Judges are ignorant. Jupiter retrograde times are used for correcting previous incorrect judgments, such as retaking tests and opening appellate court cases.

Solution: One, try not to think or plan so big, during Jupiter‘s retrograde phase, the saying is “the bigger they are, the harder they fall” couldn’t be more true. The most important thing you can do now is to cut back on all non-essential spending. It is so easy for money to slip through your fingers now. Don’t trust yourself to make financial commitments or promises for the future, either. That can be just as foolhardy as your spending habits now. Needless to say, wagering of any kind should be off-limits during this period. Why? For plans and people around you may change, the original plans, ideas and feelings.

One more awareness to pay attention to, and is not to try and depress you, but for knowledge ahead of time. If you have more than one planet or several at the same time retrograde, please read all of them to see how they can relate to each other in your daily life. Read your natal chart, especially the houses and the planets that show (Rx).


Venus Key Effect: Romance in Retrospect “Plus Financial, Values and Beauty” Venus Rules Taurus, Libra and the number 6 in numerology. Venus rules art, culture, aesthetics, possessions, partners, beauty, charm, good taste, sentimentality, sweets and sugar, color, harmony, poetry, paintings, jewelry, singing, drama and music. Venus’s actions are gentle and harmonious. It governs emotional contacts, tenderness, mercy, moral character, marriage and unions of all kinds, also sociability, disposition, luxuries, pleasure and appreciation. Venus’ retrograde cycles are probably the most “either/or of transits,” either direct or retrograde in the individuals chart. Because its influence is mild to begin with, you may not notice the effects on your love life during the retrograde phase, depending on what house area that it’s in on your natal chart. For example, if Venus is retrograde (Rx) in your 5th house of (romance received) or 7th house in (partnerships and marriage) you are likely to experience a lack of interest, boredom, weariness and discontent, if the romance has suddenly grown old, or cold. Depending on your Sun Sign, this can be a calamitous event.

If you your Sun Sign is in Taurus or Libra and the number 6 life path, or many planets in these signs on your natal chart, like in your Moon sign, this effect, can make you feel particularly vulnerable. But, regardless, it does have the power to influence your more luxurious appetites, than (the Emotions of Love). Venus influence isn’t the most sobering to begin with, but when retrograde it can become downright self-indulgent. You may be tempted to behave foolishly in matters of love, money and friendships. And your resistance to do otherwise might be in short supply.

Solution: If you would plot the position of Venus every time it retrogrades, and line it up with the Sun and Earth for eight years or more, you’ll see a five-pointed star, the pentagram repeating over and over again in the Zodiac, Wow! That means Venus and Earth also have a (5) relationship and everything with five points or sides is a Venus thing also. Whenever you wear a five pointed pentagram pendant, you’re displaying the symbol of Venus and Earth! Did you know the true interpretation? It represents Satan and the material world, including the planet Venus the morning and evening star, from the time man fell from the Garden of Eden. Christ defeated Satan on the cross, so his star is the 6 pointed, represented at the time of his birth in his chart, and takes the morning and evening star back. Gods stars are, 6, 8, 12 pointed stars. (6) For Christ, (8) for the number of his name, 7, 6, and 4 = 8, “God,” and 12 representing all of mankind, the lost twelve tribes of Israel. Remember, Venus doesn’t just influence your love life-it also has to do with money and luxury items. Venus tempts you to spend money you don’t have on things you really don’t need, particularly cloths and shoes. Where love is concern, you need to exercise a lot of common sense and a little less coquettish (admiration, attention, flirting). This may seem harmless to you, but when Venus is Retrograde all bets are off! Gambling in love or money is not a good idea now! BIG TIME!